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Moedim Calendar

Many people have asked where they can get a decent, simple to understand Moedim (moe-eh-deem) Feast calendar. It is a task to find one that is accurate since there seem to be several date variations among the one's that we do find.

In his book, "Wheel of Stars", Andrew Gabriel Roth did an in-depth research of the ancient Hebrew calendars. It seems the ancient Hebrews actually had several different calendars they went by each year. Sounds confusing to us, but it wasn't to the ancients who had good reason to do this. Roth gives an in-depth explanation as to why this was done. With the aide of NASA physicist, Bill Welker, Andrew put together an accurate Moedim calendar that follows the traditions of the ancient Israelites. I recommend you get Andrew Roth's "Wheel of Stars" to get a full appreciation of what this calendar is and what it means to the gathered faithful. It is not an easy read - it is a deep study but I highly recommend it.

I could have easily said, "Here's a calendar - click here". But you might say, "Great, another one to add to the confusing array". Before giving you the link to this calendar, I wanted you to understand why we believe it's accuracy over any of the other calendars you might come across. And best of all, it's FREE. You can download it in PDF and/or print it out. You will also find Siddurs that guide you through the Moedim observance, and a Pesach Seder to guide you through the Pesach (Passover) meal...

Thanks to our kati Carmen (sister Carmen) at the Refiner's Fire, just click on this link and scroll down to the 8th section titled, Free Calendars, Siddurs, And Pesach Seder and enjoy being on track with the ancient believers.

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